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9. Multilateral security-related export controls




In 1997 China became a member of the Zangger
Committee, a continuation of the gradual inclusion of China into
the multilateral nuclear non-proliferation effort. This is the
first time that China has participated in any multilateral export
control regime. Turkey became a member of the Missile Technology
Control Regime. The entry into force of the Chemical Weapons
Convention and continued uncertainty about the status of chemical
and biological weapon (CBW) programmes in some countries drew
attention to export controls as they apply to goods and technologies
that can be used in the production of CBW. Multilateral export
controls can create conditions for more effective non-proliferation
efforts. In specific cases where actual or alleged proliferation
creates a security concern—notably in the Middle East—the
triangular relationship of China, Russia and the United States
is the main focus of political activity.


Appendix 9A. Nuclear Suppliers Group consultation and information exchange procedure guidelines

Appendix 9A reproduces the Memorandum of Understanding on Implementation of 'Dula-Use' Guidelines.


Dr Ian Anthony