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Leveraging Livelihood Diversification for Peacebuilding in Climate- and Conflict-affected Contexts

Livelihoods are central to the relationship between climate change and conflict. Despite the recognition that climate change related livelihood deterioration is associated with conflict, livelihood interventions are not prominent as a peacebuilding tool and most livelihood diversification is done autonomously. Supporting women’s livelihoods is also overlooked as a peacebuilding tool, with the focus primarily being on addressing the consequences of sexual violence after conflict. This SIPRI Policy Brief offers insights into how building and diversifying livelihoods can contribute to peacebuilding in climate- and conflict-affected contexts. The policy brief recommends: (a) supporting viable and sustainable livelihood diversification interventions to effectively address livelihood insecurity and associated conflict risks, and (b) increasing support for women’s livelihoods to promote women’s empowerment as a peacebuilding tool.



The potential contribution of livelihood diversification to peacebuilding

The risks of overlooking livelihood diversification and women’s economic development in conflict-affected contexts




Dr Farah Hegazi is a Researcher in the SIPRI Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Katongo Seyuba is a Research Assistant in the SIPRI Climate Change and Risk Programme.