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Climate, Peace and Security Fact Sheet: Yemen (2023)

Dr Kyungmee Kim, Katongo Seyuba, Kheira Tarif, Dr Minoo Koefoed, Asha Ali and Jules Duhamel
Publisher: SIPRI
SIPRI, Stockholm:
June, 2023

This Climate, Peace and Security Fact Sheet examines the prolonged political, humanitarian and developmental challenges faced by Yemen. It offers a range of recommended actions for the international community to address these issues effectively.

Yemen is grappling with a severe humanitarian crisis triggered by ongoing conflict, economic instability and climate change-related disasters. The country is experiencing escalating temperatures, rising sea levels and shifting rainfall patterns, resulting in devastating floods, droughts, water scarcity and soil degradation. These extreme weather events have wreaked havoc on irrigation systems and agricultural livelihoods, amplifying the insecurity surrounding food and sustainable livelihoods. The conflict—coupled with climate-related disasters and water shortages—has further exacerbated forced migration and displacement. There is also the risk that armed groups can exploit climate change pressures by targeting crucial environmental infrastructure and resources. Moreover, the conflict has significantly weakened informal resolution mechanisms—worsened by patronage networks. It is imperative that the international community provides support to address pressing concerns such as food insecurity, water challenges and limited access to healthcare. Climate-resilient and sustainable development is an indispensable requirement for fostering lasting peace in Yemen.


Dr Kyungmee Kim is a Researcher at SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Katongo Seyuba is a Research Assistant with SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Programme.
Kheira Tarif is a Researcher in the Climate Change and Risk Programme at SIPRI.
Dr Minoo Koefoed (NUPI) is a Senior Research Fellow in NUPI’s Climate, Peace and Security Risks project.
Asha Ali (NUPI) is a Junior Research Fellow in NUPI’s Climate, Peace and Security Risks project.
Jules Duhamel is an independent cartographer and geospatial analyst consultant.