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The Role of Parliamentarians in Building Security in and for Europe

The Role of Parliamentarians in building security in and for Europe
Publisher: SIPRI
ISBN 978-91-85114-88-7
December, 2015

Europe does not have a common security system that is capable of preventing conflicts and violence. Despite the trend towards tighter controls from individual states, the cooperative approach to security in Europe remains the most convincing model in light of the increased integration and internationalization of the world. This Policy Paper focuses on the role of parliamentarians in reassessing and building security in Europe.

The paper presents parliamentary expectations and capacities, identifies available instruments, and recommends approaches and actions to increase effectiveness. Brief case studies illustrate the powerful influence that parliamentarians can exert. Finally, the paper proposes three specific projects that address discrete security problems and could help to develop high-impact parliamentary contributions to building cooperative security in and for Europe.

SIPRI Policy Paper No. 44


Dr Ian Anthony was the Director of SIPRI’s European Security Programme.