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Security Activities of External Actors in Africa

Security Activities of External Actors in Africa
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN 978-0-19-968642-1
pp. 213
Outside forces continue to significantly influence political and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa. These external actors—including both states and international organizations—often provide assistance that reflects their economic and political interests and which do not necessarily align with the priorities

Security Activities of External Actors in Africa is the first book to systematically map the security-related policies, strategies and activities of major external actors in Africa. It assesses the involvement of seven key external actors—China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations—in sub-Saharan Africa. It pays special attention to military presences, military interventions, contributions to peace operations, arms supplies, defence and security agreements, military training, and other forms of military and security assistance.

Mapping the diverse security-related activities of external actors in Africa is an important first step towards understanding Africa’s evolving security environment. This book takes that step.


1. Introduction 

Olawale Ismail and Elisabeth Sköns

2. China 

Chin-Hao Huang and Olawale Ismail

3. France

Vincent Boulanin

4. Russia

Paul Holtom

5. The United Kingdom

Sam Perlo-Freeman

6. The United States

Elisabeth Sköns

7. The European Union

Mark Bromley

8. The United Nations

Sharon Wiharta

9. Conclusions

Olawale Ismail and Elisabeth Sköns

Appendix. Security-related data on Africa


Dr Elisabeth Sköns is an Associate Senior Fellow at SIPRI and the former Head of the Mali civil society and peacebuilding project.