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The New Security Dimensions: Europe after the NATO and EU Enlargements

Publisher: SIPRI

This report summarizes the discussions and main findings of an international conference on The New Security Dimensions: Europe after the NATO and EU Enlargements, which was held at Frösundavik, Sweden, on 20–21 April 2001.

The conference brought together security analysts from more than a dozen countries. Among the participants were academics and practitioners from governments, European Union (EU) institutions and a number of other international organizations. The background papers and more than 20 panel presentations facilitated the discussion in the three working sessions of the conference.

The main task of the conference was to draw attention to the significance and consequences for European security of the processes of enlargement of both the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the EU, especially for the states which remain outside these security structures. Important contributions were therefore made to the discussions by representatives of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus as well as Estonia, Lithuania, other European states and the United States. In the context of enlargement, two critical issues were addressed: the present and prospective impact of the developing European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) on conflict prevention and crisis management beyond the EU borders and the redefinition of the transatlantic partnership. The papers provided by the panellists are reproduced in this publication. They are preceded by three sets of questions which were submitted by the organizers of the conference with the aim of focusing the discussion on specific issues.

The findings of the Frösunda Conference reflected in this report and in other background materials were presented to the Swedish Presidency with a request to disseminate them to all the EU states and other interested governments.


Opening session

New security dimensions: building security in cooperation

Sven-Olof Petersson, Director-General for Political Affairs, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden


First session

European security: consequences of NATO and EU enlargements

Adam Daniel Rotfeld (SIPRI)

John Roper (UK)

Walther Stützle (Germany)

Alexei G. Arbatov (Russia)

Janusz Reiter (Poland)

Bo Huldt (Sweden)


Second session

ESDP beyond the EU borders: conflict prevention and crisis management

Renata Dwan (SIPRI-Ireland)

Jan Zielonka (Italy)

Vladimir Baranovsky (Russia)

Vyachaslau E. Paznyak (Belarus)

Marc Otte (EU-Belgium)

Lars-Erik Lundin (EU-Sweden)


Third session

Redefinition of the transatlantic partnership: in search of a new grand strategy

Ian Anthony (SIPRI-UK)

Steven E. Miller (USA)

Thérèse Delpech (France)

Charles A. Kupchan (USA)

Raimo Väyrynen (Finland)


Summary of the discussions of the Frösunda Conference

Shannon N. Kile (SIPRI-USA) and Zdzislaw Lachowski (SIPRI-Poland)



1. European Integration: An American Perspective Keynote speech by former US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott

2. Programme of the Frösunda Conference on The New Security Dimensions

3. List of the participants of the Frösunda Conference on The New Security Dimensions


Dr Adam Daniel Rotfeld was Director of SIPRI from 1991-2002.