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Stability and Arms Control in Europe: The Role of Military Forces within a European Security System

Publisher: SIPRI
ISBN 91-85114-50-2
113 pp.

East-West relations are going through a period of profound change. Although it is far too soon to talk about the ultimate result of this process, it is clear that negotiations about arms reductions are already playing a crucial role and are likely to continue to do so. However, hopes may run higher than the complexity of the issues might justify. No doubt the tremendous pace at which the process has unfolded has contributed considerably to this situation.

It is in recognition of the important, though not decisive role of the military, that SIPRI brought together in one East-West group, for the first time, six military General Staff officers from six countries—the Federal Republic of Germany, France, the German Democratic Republic, Poland, the Soviet Union and the United States of America—to address first, the nature of the mutual security concerns of the alliances; and second, the definition of 'offensive' and 'defensive' as these terms relate to military capabilities and strategy.