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Ukrainian translation of SIPRI Yearbook 2022—now available

Ukrainian translation of SIPRI Yearbook 2022
Ukrainian translation of SIPRI Yearbook 2022

Today, SIPRI, in collaboration with the Razumkov Centre (Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Studies), is pleased to announce that the Ukrainian language translation of SIPRI Yearbook 2022 is now available.

SIPRI Yearbook 2022 is the 53rd edition of the SIPRI Yearbook and the 23rd edition of the Yearbook in Ukrainian. This translation was made possible by the long-time cooperation between SIPRI and the Razumkov Centre and the financial support of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport. It is available for free in PDF format on both SIPRI’s and the Razumkov Centre’s websites.

Click here to download a PDF of the Ukrainian translation of SIPRI Yearbook 2022


About the SIPRI Yearbook

The first edition of the SIPRI Yearbook was released in 1969, with the aim of producing ‘a factual and balanced account of a controversial subject—the arms race and attempts to stop it’. Subsequent editions of the SIPRI Yearbook have gathered important data on world military spending, the arms trade and nuclear forces, among other topics.

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