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International Cooperation: Navigating the Way Ahead—new SIPRI film

International Cooperation: Navigating the Way Ahead—new SIPRI film

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) is pleased to launch a new film capturing a selection of insights from global actors on the shared challenges to international cooperation and ways forward.

Watch the video here.


Need for—and deficiencies of—international cooperation

The film is based on the discussions recorded during the 2020 Stockholm Security Conference, which brought together leading experts and representatives from the political, military, academic and diplomatic communities as well as civil society.

In addition to the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic, the discussions highlighted the prevailing challenges to nuclear arms control such as the endangerment of arms control treaties, mistrust between nuclear states as well as the development of new nuclear capabilities. The sessions also touched upon opportunities for the development of arms control regulations and the improvement of non-proliferation doctrines, with focus on responsible development and use of artificial intelligence (AI).

The pandemic has also exacerbated humanitarian needs; it has created additional pressure on previously fragile systems dominated by conflict as well as on global food supply systems. Much greater respect for local communities and much greater cooperation between governments are needed to strengthen social protection systems.

Robust international framework crucial for future pandemics

While international cooperation is confronted with a growing variety of challenges, discussions at SSC 20 identified several opportunities to strengthen international infrastructure. The United Nations’ 75th anniversary is an opportunity to adapt and listen to constructive voices on what multilateralism needs to deliver. In light of the new Swedish chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the new United States administration, there is fresh momentum for the OSCE to strengthen its role in conflict management in Europe, in the implementation of human rights commitments and respect for democracy, in confidence building, and in increased military transparency.

Browse the videos of the open panels and thematic webinars here and on SIPRI’s YouTube channel

About the Stockholm Security Conference

The Stockholm Security Conference is an annual meeting that brings together key stakeholders to discuss global security challenges and how to respond to insecurity. The conference gathers leading representatives from the political, academic and business worlds, as well as civil society in a joint endeavour to explore the multiple dimensions of security in the world. Previous editions of the conference have focused on themes such as secure cities and security risks posed by emerging technologies. Browse through the different years here.

About SIPRI’s films

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