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SIPRI releases new map of multilateral peace operations

SIPRI releases new map of multilateral peace operations
SIPRI Map of Multilateral Peace Operations, 2020

SIPRI is pleased to release a new map showing all multilateral peace operations active as of May 2020. The data is taken from SIPRI’s Multilateral Peace Operations Database, which contains historical information on United Nations and non-United Nations peace operations conducted since 1990, including location, mandate, participating countries, approved and actual personnel numbers disaggregated by personnel types, dates of deployment, budgets and mission fatalities.

Download the map (PDF).

SIPRI recently released the Fact Sheet 'Trends in Multilateral Peace Operations, 2019', which examines global and regional trends in multilateral peace operations in 2019. The launch has been covered in both Swedish and international media. Articles were featured by Deutsche Welle, Le Figaro, ZDF and Swedish Television, among others.

The new data on multilateral peace operations is the last of the major data set pre-launches in the lead-up to the publication of SIPRI Yearbook 2020, SIPRI’s flagship publication, which was released on 15 June 2020.