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SIPRI Yearbook in Russian: SIPRI and IMEMO celebrate 25 years of translation

SIPRI Yearbook in Russian: SIPRI and IMEMO celebrate 25 years of translation

SIPRI and the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) hosted a conference in Moscow to commemorate 25 years of translation of the SIPRI Yearbook into Russian. The Russian edition of SIPRI Yearbook 2017 was presented at the event.

Discussions at the conference focused on nuclear arms control and non-proliferation, European security and conventional arms control in Europe, and the impact of emerging technologies on arms control.

The conference was opened by Dr Alexey G. Arbatov, Head of the Center for International Security at IMEMO. Several senior figures from IMEMO presented at the event, alongside Dan Smith, SIPRI Director, Dr Sibylle Bauer, Director of the SIPRI Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Programme and Dr Petr Topychkanov, Senior Researcher in the same programme at SIPRI.

The event generated considerable interest within the Russian and foreign expert community, bringing together more than 100 representatives of governmental organizations and agencies, embassies, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, independent research centers, NGOs and media.

SIPRI interviewed a range of participants on current challenges to arms control and possible ways ahead. These will be available to view on SIPRI’s YouTube channel in the coming months. 

Read more about the event on IMEMO's website.


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The 49th edition of the SIPRI Yearbook was launched in June 2018, highlighting key findings on world nuclear forces and multilateral peace operations. The summary of the 2018 SIPRI Yearbook is available in 10 languages, including new translations in Bulgarian and Korean.

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Photo gallery: SIPRI-IMEMO conference commemorating 25 years of Russian translation of the SIPRI Yearbook