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SIPRI hosts event on global arms trade at Arms Trade Treaty meeting

Meeting on global arms trade
SIPRI's Dr Sibylle Bauer (centre) chairs a meeting on the global arms trade and the role of transparency in arms transfers.

Ahead of a major conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to be held later this year, SIPRI hosted an event on the global arms trade and the role that transparency instruments can play in stopping illegal and irresponsible arms transfers.

SIPRI Director of Studies, Armament and Disarmament, Dr Sibylle Bauer, chaired the meeting and provided expertise on arms export controls and the implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty. SIPRI Senior Researcher, Pieter D. Wezeman, presented the latest SIPRI data on international arms transfers and discussed transparency issues, including the Arms Trade Treaty annual report. The data, which is available via the SIPRI Arms Transfers Database, is widely considered the most comprehensive publicly available source of information on the global arms trade.

The third Conference of States Parties (CSP3) for the Arms Trade Treaty will be held in Geneva on 1115 September 2017. To prepare for this conference, three informal preparatory meetings have been organized and SIPRI hosted this side event during the third preparatory meeting on 1 June.

Also present at the event were the President of ATT CSP3, Ambassador Klaus Korhonen, and representatives from the Government of the Netherlands, Martijn Reubzaet, and the Government of Mexico, Katya Gemma Cortés Martínez.

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