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SIPRI Arms Transfers Database

The SIPRI Arms Transfers Database contains information on all transfers of major conventional weapons from 1950 to the most recent full calendar year. It is a unique resource for researchers, policy-makers and analysts, the media and civil society interested in monitoring and measuring the international flow of major conventional arms.

The SIPRI Arms Transfers Database can be used to generate detailed written reports (trade registers) and statistical data (trend-indicator values, TIV). To access the trade registers and TIV data, see the links provided below.

The database was updated on 13 March 2023. The SIPRI Arms Transfers Database includes updated data on transfers of major arms for 1950–2022, which replaces all previous data on arms transfers published by SIPRI.

The database can be used to address a range of questions, including:

  •     Who are the suppliers and recipients of major conventional weapons?
  •     What weapons have been exported or imported by specific suppliers or recipients?
  •     How have the relationships between different suppliers and recipients changed over time?
  •     Where do countries in conflict get their weapons from?
  •     How do states implement their export control regulations?
  •     Where are potentially destabilizing build ups of weapons occurring?
  •     What is the relationship between access to natural resources and arms transfers?


The publicly accessible database is updated every spring. A brief overview of highlights of the preceding year and more general trends in international arms transfers is published to coincide with the release of each year's new dataset. A broader analysis is published every year in the SIPRI Yearbook.


For full details of our user rules for the database, please see our Terms and Conditions. For questions about the database see the sources and methods or contact


Trade registers

The interface below provides information on each deal included in the database. The information provided includes the suppliers and recipients, the type and number of weapon systems ordered and delivered, the years of deliveries and the financial value of the deal. 

Generate trade registers.


Importer/exporter TIV tables

The interface below provides the total trend-indicator value (TIV) of a country or rebel group's arms imports or exports, broken down by supplier, recipient or type of weapon system.

Generate importer/exporter TIV tables.


Top list TIV tables

This interface provides the total trend-indicator value (TIV) of arms imports or exports for a selection of the largest suppliers or recipients, along with the TIV of global arms imports or exports.

Generate top list TIV tables.