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New SIPRI military expenditure data for NATO countries

SIPRI's extended dataset of military expenditure of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states is now freely available online, alongside our main military expenditure dataset for all countries.

The data, which makes use of NATO data on members' military spending and other sources, extends back at least to each country's year of joining.

SIPRI military expenditure data is based on open sources only, including a SIPRI questionnaire which is sent out annually to all countries included in the database. For some NATO member states, and for most data on then-NATO members before 1988, NATO’s annual press releases on Financial and Economic Data on NATO Defence is a key source.

The collected data is processed to achieve consistent time series which are, as far as possible, in accordance with the SIPRI definition of military expenditure, detailed in the sources and methods.

Enter the database or download the SIPRI Fact Sheet, 'Trends in world military expenditure, 2013'.