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Save the date: Battlefields of the future in focus at the 2021 Stockholm Security Conference

Save the date: Battlefields of the future in focus at the 2021 Stockholm Security Conference
Behind the scenes during the 2020 Stockholm Security Conference

(Stockholm, 24 May 2021) The sixth annual Stockholm Security Conference will convene in a virtual format on 8–11 November. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Battlefields of the Future: Trends of Conflict and Warfare in the 21st Century’.

Wars have been fought in many ways. Although evolutions and revolutions in military affairs continuously occur, current developments have opened cyberspace, outer space, and the mental space as potential new battlefields of the future. Rapid developments in technology add to the sense of uncertainty and urgency to understand, act upon and manage them. This sense of urgency is reinforced by the increasing level of distrust among great powers. These advances and the resulting disruption and destruction could have profound human costs. A key objective of the 2021 Stockholm Security Conference is to explore means to prevent and mitigate these risks.

Additionally, the conference will explore trends in several parts of the world where more traditional types of warfare are continuing or re-emerging. In doing so, the conference will examine to what extent the more traditional types of warfare are adapting to newly available means or providing non-traditional actors with new opportunities to have a bigger larger role.

Save the date (8–11 November) and join leading experts, practitioners and policymakers as they exchange views for a better understanding of the challenges to international security and the role of governments, multilateral organizations, humanitarian actors, researchers and civil society in dealing with the challenges of the battlefields of the future.



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