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Critical minerals and great power competition: Interactions and implications

Photo credit: Shutterstock
Photo credit: Shutterstock

This SIPRI webinar centres on mineral resource competition. With a focus on the policies of China, the European Union, Russia and the United States, the event will unpack varying strategies towards and implications associated with this competition.

The webinar will be held online at 14:00–16:00 CEST on 13 June.

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In the context of heightened geopolitical tensions, countries have begun to institute measures to ensure critical or strategic minerals security. Minerals security contributes to a range of national-level policy imperatives, from clean energy to military defence. At the same time, the pursuit of minerals security also dovetails with wider trends of geoeconomic fragmentation and bloc formation—with the West on one side, and countries such as China and Russia on the other. As major powers ‘de-risk’ and even ‘de-couple’ their supply chains from putative adversaries, more needs to be understood about how competing pursuits of critical or strategic minerals security interact, and what implications this competition has for global-level imperatives of green transition, sustainable development and peaceful interstate relations.


Dr Cullen Hendrix, Peterson Institute for International Economics

Dr Sophia Kalantzakos, New York University Abu Dhabi 

Dr Florian Vidal, IFRI and The Arctic University of Norway

Dr Marina Zhang, University of Technology Sydney


Dr André Månberger, Lund University


Dr Jiayi Zhou, SIPRI 



This event is part of Mistra Geopolitics, which is funded by Mistra: The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research.

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