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Thinking Security

Thinking Security
Photo: Flickr/US Army

Convendum, Kungsgatan 9, Stockholm


The world is experiencing a set of acute environmental crises as part of a generally darkening security horizon—which, when taken together, are creating a new era of risk. Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and resource scarcity are already impacting every part of the world; while the breakdown of arms control regimes, the doubling of armed conflict and conflict-related deaths in the past 10 years, and Russia’s war in Ukraine are exacerbating security concerns.

Starting with a keynote speech by SIPRI Director Dan Smith, the panel discussed this complex security situation, what we are missing and how to go forward.


Keynote Speech

Dan Smith, Director of SIPRI


Dr Line Gordon, Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre and Curt Bergfors Professor in Sustainability Science

Dr Robert Egnell, Vice-Chancellor of the Swedish Defence University and a professor of leadership and command and control


Stephanie Blenckner, Communications Director of SIPRI

Watch a recording of the event here.

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