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Seminar: Impact Evaluations in Fragile States

Street in Abaarso, Somalia, 2015.
Street in Abaarso, Somalia, 2015. Somalia was ranked highest in the Fragile States Index 2016 by The Fund for Peace. Photo: Commons / Vincent van Zeijst

SIPRI, Signalistgatan 9, 169 72 Solna

The multi-faceted nature of a 'fragile state' or 'fragility' requires a multidimensional approachsocietal and political, as well as economical and environmentalto understand its realities and relationship to violence and conflict. Many development and peacebuilding programmes in fragile states do not undergo rigorous evaluations, which limits their associated scope of impacts.

SIPRI is bringing together diverse groups of researchers, evaluators and implementers of development and peacebuilding programmes for active discussions and knowledge-sharing on impact evaluation practices, research methodologies and experiences in policy influence in fragile states.

Coffee will be served from 09:00; lunch is included.


Participants' presentations are available to download below.

  • Impact Evaluation of Peacebuilding Training for Youth - Kyrgyzstan (presentation 1 pdf, presentation 2 pdf) Anastasia Aladysheva and Damir Esenaliev, SIPRI; Eleonora Nillesen, UNU-MERIT; Shanti Thompson, Legacy International
  • Microcredits to Young Entrepreneurs in Yemen Anders Olofsgård, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Evaluation of Building Sustainable Peace: Civil Society Contributions to Security Policies and Safety of People - Mali (presentation pdf) Gaudence Nyirabikali and Aurélien Tobie, SIPRI; Sten Hagberg, Uppsala University
  • Preparing for Genocide: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Rwanda (presentation pdf) Evelina Bonnier, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Impact Evaluations of Community-Driven Development Programmes in Kyrgyzstan (presentation pdf) Damir Esenaliev, SIPRI
  • The Evolution of Humanitarian Evaluation (presentation pdf) Ian Christoplos, Glemminge Development Research & NIRAS Indevelop
  • Lessons from Conducting Evaluations in Afghanistan and Somalia (presentation pdf) Jessica Rothman, NIRAS Indevelop
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