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SIPRI Definition of military expenditure

Where possible, SIPRI military expenditure include all current and capital expenditure on:

  • the armed forces, including peace keeping forces
  • defence ministries and other government agencies engaged in defence projects
  • paramilitary forces when judged to be trained, equipped and available for military operations
  • military space activities

    Such expenditures should include:

  •     personnel

    • all expenditures on current personnel, military and civil
    • retirement pensions of military personnel   
    • social services for personnel and their families 
  •    operations and maintenance
  •     procurement
  •     military research and development
  •     military construction
  •     military aid (in the military expenditures of the donor country)

Excluded military related expenditures:

  •   civil defence
  •   current expenditure for previous military activities
  1. veterans benefits
  2. demobilization
  3. conversion of arms production facilities
  4. destruction of weapons