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Nivedita Raju

Associate Researcher

Nivedita Raju

Nivedita Raju

Nivedita Raju is an Associate Researcher with SIPRI specializing in space security. She also serves as Director of Legal Affairs and Research at the Space Court Foundation, a non-profit facilitating accessibility to space law and space education. As a Research Fellow at Open Lunar Foundation, she focuses on the development of monitoring and verification measures for the lunar surface and cislunar space. She is also Advisor to Schools of Equality, an initiative that conducts gender-sensitisation training in schools across India.

Previously, Nivedita was a contributing member of the Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS) Project at McGill University. She was also Deputy Representative to the US Federal Aviation Administration’s Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation where she directed research on the regulation of cross-border suborbital flights between Canada and the US. Her experience in the aerospace industry includes her work with the Indian delegation at ICAO, Montreal, in addition to her role as legal Associate at Gagrats Advocates & Solicitors, a Tier-1 aviation law firm in Mumbai, India.

Subject expertise

Space law and policy, space security, counterspace technologies, emerging technologies, aviation law

Regional expertise

India, South Asia, Middle East

English, Hindi

LLM in Air and Space Law, McGill University; BA LLB, Gujarat National Law University

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