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Ivana Mićić

Associate Senior Fellow

Ivana Mićić

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Ivana Mićić was an Associate Senior Fellow within the Dual-use and Arms Trade Control programme. In addition to research work on trade controls and non-proliferation issues, Ivana Mićić has designed and implemented a range of capacity-building activities—at the regional and national levels—to strengthen trade control systems in South Eastern Europe. She also worked on related issues in sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2008–2009 she worked on the implementation of SIPRI’s project on strengthening capacities to investigate and prosecute export control violations in South Eastern Europe. Prior to joining SIPRI in 2007 she undertook research on security sector reform and on South East European border controls. 

Subject expertise

Export control (national control systems, international regimes, enforcement issues)

Regional expertise

South East Europe, European Union

French, Serbo-Croatian, English

MA in Politics, Security and Integration, School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies (SSEES) University College London (UCL); BA in International Relations, Political Science, Free University of Brussels (ULB) 

External publications
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