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Appendix 5B. Major arms industry acquisitions, 2010


I. Introduction

II. Acquisitions by companies based in OECD countries

III. Acquisitions by companies based in non-OECD countries

Table 5B.1. Major acquisitions in the OECD arms industries, 2010


Appendix 5B gives details of the major mergers and acquisitions in the arms industry, both OECD an non-OECD, in 2009 [PDF].


While there were no acquisitions of arms-producing companies worth over $1 billion in 2009, there were three in 2010.


The largest acquisitions in the OECD arms industry, 2010


Deal value
($ m.)
  Babcock   VT Group 2 000
  Cerberus Capital Management   DynCorp 1 500
  Triumph Group   Vought Aircraft 1 440



Vincent Boulanin (France) is a Visiting Research Fellow with the SIPRI Arms Production Programme and is pursuing a PhD in political studies at l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), Paris.

Dr Vincent Boulanin