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Appendix 3A. Multilateral peace missions in 2005

Page 173, line 8

The budgeted cost in 2005 for the CEMAC mission FOMUC should read $10.2 million, not $6.2 million


Chapter 4. Regional security cooperation in the early 21st century

Page 212, footnote 54

'UN Security Council Resolution 1371' should read 'UN Security Council Resolution 1373'


Chapter 5. National governance of nuclear weapons: opportunities and constraints

Page 235, line 23

'no-first-use' should read 'first-use'


Chapter 9. Arms Production

Page 397, lines 23–25 and footnote 51

sentence 'Indeed, world military spending in 2005 exceeded (in real
terms) the peak of spending during the cold war' is incorrect and read
'Indeed, world military spending in 2004 was only 6 per cent lower in
real terms than at the peak of the cold war'. Footnote 51 should read
'Sköns, E. et al., "Military expenditure", SIPRI Yearbook 2005 (note 4), p. 307.'


Chapter 12. Reflections on continuity and change in arms control

Page 594, lines 7–8

Russia has both signed and ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).


Chapter 16. Transfer controls

Page 776, table 16.1

The European Commission is an observer, not a participant, in the Zangger Committee.


Annex A. Arms control and disarmament agreements

Page 819, last line

Grenada has signed and
ratified the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention and so should appear in
the list of Parties but not in the list of those states that have
signed but not ratified.