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Appendix 13B. Legal aspects of the Indian–US Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative



I. Introduction

II. The 2005 Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative

III. The Non-Proliferation Treaty

IV. The Nuclear Suppliers Group and full-scope safeguards as a condition for supply

V. National legislation on nuclear exports

VI. Conclusions


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The 2005 Indian–US Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative (CNCI), which has yet to be approved by the US Senate, allows US exports of civilian nuclear technology to India, while committing India to assume the responsibilities of a nuclear weapon state. The USA’s engagement with India in this field has raised concerns about the impact on the nuclear non-proliferation regime, in particular on the Nuclear Suppliers Group and the NPT.


Dr Christer Ahlström (Sweden) is Counsellor for legal affairs at the Swedish Embassy in The Hague, the Netherlands.