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11. Responses to proliferation: the North Korean ballistic missile programme



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In the 1990s North Korea accelerated the development of
large rockets. These rockets have been tested in various configurations
and could provide the capability to deliver a warhead over
intercontinental ranges.

North Korea has not met its obligations
under bilateral safeguards agreements with the International Atomic
Energy Agency, strengthening the suspicion that it has a clandestine
nuclear weapon programme. Given the continued state of high tension on
the Korean Peninsula, there is widespread concern about the
implications of weapon development in North Korea for regional and
international security.

In September 1999 the United States and
North Korea reached an agreement by which North Korea is expected to
suspend its long-range ballistic missile testing programme.

The chapter describes the international responses to the North Korean ballistic missile programme.


Appendix 11A. Multilateral weapon and technology export controls

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Appendix 11A examines recent
developments in the multilateral weapon and technology export control
regimes. It places particular emphasis on the review of the Wassenaar
Arrangement on Export Controls conducted by participating states five
years after the arrangement began to operate.


Appendix 11B. The Wassenaar Arrangement 1999 plenary meeting statement

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Dr Ian Anthony