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SIPRI Yearbook 1990

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The SIPRI Yearbook 1990 contains SIPRI's review of the latest developments in nuclear weapons, nuclear explosions, world military expenditure, the international arms trade and arms production, chemical and biological weapons, the military use of outer space, the proliferation of ballistic missile technology, ongoing armed conflicts, US–Soviet nuclear arms control, and conventional arms control in Europe, and presents the unique annual calendar of military activities required by the Stockholm Document. Efforts to control the arms race—in nuclear, chemical, biological, conventional and space weapons—are described, and the status of negotiations and agreements is analysed.


In addition to these regular features and statistics, this latest SIPRI Yearbook contains special studies on debt and international security, on prospects for the 1990 Review Conference on the Non-Proliferation Treaty, on laser isotope separation technology, and on the NATO debate over the modernization of short-range nuclear missiles. Its comprehensive coverage makes it an invaluable sourcebook for anyone seeking authoritative, factual information on issues of armaments and disarmament and thus for anyone interested in strategic studies, peace studies, and international relations.



Introduction: More questions than answers—how to manage the change

Walther Stützle


Part I. Weapons and technology

1. Nuclear weapons

Robert S. Norris, Thomas B. Cochran, Richard W. Fieldhouse, Andrew S. Burrows and William M. Arkin

2. Nuclear explosions

Ragnhild Ferm

Appendix 2A. Nuclear explosions, 1945–89

3. Military use of outer space

John Pike

Appendix 3A. Military satellites launched in 1989

Appendix 3B. Operational military satellites in orbit on 31 December 1989

4. Chemical and biological warfare: developments in 1989

S. J. Lundin

Appendix 4A. Statements of possession or non-possession of chemical weapons

Thomas Stock

Appendix 4B. Export warning list


Part II. Military expenditure, the arms trade and armed conflicts

5. World military expenditure

Saadet Deger

Appendix 5A. Tables of world military expenditure, 1980–89

Saadet Deger and Somnath Sen, assisted by Carl-Gustaf Lagergren, Phitsamone Ljungqvist-Souvannavong and Fredrik Wetterqvist

Appendix 5B. Sources and methods

6. Debt, financial flows and international security

Somnath Sen

7. The trade in major conventional weapons

Ian Anthony and Herbert Wulf

Appendix 7A. Aggregate tables of the value of the trade in major weapons with the Third World, 1970–89

Appendix 7B. Register of the trade in major conventional weapons with industrialized and Third World countries, 1989

Ian Anthony, Agnès Courades Allebeck, Espen Gullikstad, Gerd Hagmeyer-Gaverus, Evamaria Loose-Weintraub and Herbert Wulf

Appendix 7C. Register of licensed production of major conventional weapons in industrialized and Third World countries, 1989

Ian Anthony, Agnès Courades Allebeck, Espen Gullikstad, Gerd Hagmeyer-Gaverus, Evamaria Loose-Weintraub and Herbert Wulf

Appendix 7D Sources and methods

8. Arms production

Ian Anthony, Agnès Courades Allebeck, Espen Gullikstad, Gerd Hagmeyer-Gaverus and Herbert Wulf

9. Ballistic missile proliferation

Aaron Karp

10. Major armed conflicts in 1989

Karin Lindgren, G. Kenneth Wilson, Peter Wallensteen and Kjell-Åke Nordquist


Part III. Developments in arms control

11. US–Soviet nuclear arms control

Regina Cowen Karp

12. The implementation of the INF Treaty

Stephen Iwan Griffiths

13. Conventional arms control in Europe

Jane M. O. Sharp

Appendix 13A. Implementation of the Stockholm Document and calendar of planned notifiable military activities in 1990 and forecast for 1991

Axel Krohn

14. Multilateral and bilateral talks on chemical and biological weapons

S. J. Lundin

Appendix 14A. Industry declaration from the Canberra Government–Industry Conference against Chemical Weapons

15. Multilateral and bilateral efforts towards nuclear test limitations

Ragnhild Ferm


Part IV. Special features

16. Prospects for the fourth review of the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Harald Müller

17. Laser isotope separation: technological developments and political implications

Richard Kokoski

18. The debate over the modernization of NATO's short-range nuclear missiles

Catherine M. Kelleher

19. The SIPRI 1989 Olof Palme Memorial Lecture: 'The responsibility of scientists in the nuclear age'

Viktor M. Weisskopf



Annexe A. Major multilateral arms control agreements

Ragnhild Ferm

Annexe B. Chronology 1989

Ragnhild Ferm