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SIPRI Yearbook 1987

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The SIPRI Yearbook 1987 continues SIPRI's review of the latest developments in nuclear weapons, nuclear explosions, world military expenditure, the international arms trade, chemical and biological weapons, conventional weapon technology, and the military use of outer. Efforts to control the arms race are described, and the status of negotiations and agreements are analysed.


In addition to these regular features and statistics, this latest SIPRI Yearbook contains special studies on armed conflicts throughout the world, the Chernobyl accident, and verification technology. Its comprehensive coverage makes it an invaluable sourcebook for anyone seeking authoritative, factual information on issues of armaments and disarmament and thus to anyone interested in strategic studies, war studies, peace studies, and international relations.



Introduction: a year of peace?

Walther Stützle


Part I. Weapons and technology

1. Nuclear weapons

William M. Arkin, Andrew S. Burrows, Thomas B. Cochran, Richard W. Fieldhouse, Robert S. Norris and Jeffrey I. Sands

2. Nuclear explosions

Richard W. Fieldhouse and Robert S. Norris

Appendix 2A. Nuclear explosions, 1945–86

Ragnhild Ferm

3. Military use of outer space

Bhupendra Jasani

Appendix 3A. Tables of satellites launched in 1986

4. Conventional weapon technologies

Steven L. Canby

5. Chemical and biological warfare: developments in 1986

J. P. Perry Robinson


Part II. Military expenditure, the arms trade and armed conflicts

6. World military expenditure

Rita Tullberg and Gerd Hagmeyer-Gaverus

Appendix 6A. Tables of world military expenditure, 1977–86

7. The trade in major conventional weapons

Thomas Ohlson and Elisabeth Sköns

Appendix 7A. Aggregate tables of the value of the trade in major weapons with the Third World, 1967–86

Appendix 7B. Register of the trade in major conventional weapons with industrialized and Third World countries, 1986

Appendix 7C. Register of licensed production of major conventional weapons in industrialized and Third World countries, 1986

Appendix 7D The SIPRI price system

Appendix 7E Sources and methods

8. Armed conflicts in 1986, and the Iraq–Iran War

Steven D. Goose


Part III. Developments in arms control

9. US–Soviet nuclear arms control

Christoph Bertram

10. The future of conventional arms control in Europe, A tale of two cities: Stockholm, Vienna

Richard E. Darilek

Appendix 10A. Stockholm Document

Appendix 10B. Calendar of planned notifiable military activities in 1987 and forecast for 1988, as required by the Stockholm Document

11. Multilateral arms control efforts

Jozef Goldblat

12. The review of the Biological Weapons Convention

Jozef Goldblat

Appendix 12A. Final Declaration


Part IV. Special features

13. The Chernobyl reactor accident: the international significance and results

Hans Blix

14. Recent developments in arms control verification technology

Alan Krass

Annexe A. Chronology

Annexe B. Major multilateral arms control agreements