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SIPRI Yearbook 1969-70

SIPRI Yearbook 1969-70

SIPRI yearbook 1969-70 cover

This is the second SIPRI Yearbook. The aim of the Yearbook is to analyse in one place developments in the arms race and in disarmament. The first issue, which brought together much new material, attracted world-wide attention. It has been used extensively in the United Nations, the Geneva disarmament negotiations and elsewhere as an authoritative and neutral source of information.

The SIPRI Yearbook 1969/70 updates the first and turns to new subjects. It contains an account of trends in military expenditure up to mid-1970, a new register of arms trade deals between developed and underdeveloped countries and an account of the main arms trade events of last year; figures on nuclear tests up to mid-1970; and a chronology of disarmament efforts. The new topics, to which the main text is mostly devoted, are:

  • The nuclear arms race and the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.
  • The levels of troops and weapons in Europe, and the possible talks on arms limitations and force reductions which might accompany moves towards a European Security Conference.
  • The militarization of the deep ocean and the proposed sea-bed treaty.



Part I. Account of 1969/70

1. World military expenditure and the arms trade
Ron Huisken, Frank Blackaby and Eva Göransson

2. The main arms race: SALT and European security
Robert Neild, Milton Leitenberg, Hans von Schreeb and Frank Blackaby

3. The militarization of the deep ocean: the sea-bed treaty
Sven Hirdman and Jozef Goldblat

4. The CBW debate and other disarmament measure
Jozef Goldblat


Part II. Special Article

The Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America (Treaty of Tlatelolco)
Alfonso García Robles


Part III. Reference material

Section 1. Military expenditure and the trade in arms

Section 2. Background to SALT and the European Security Conference

Section 3. Background to other disarmament questions