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Central Africa dialogue

Central Africa dialogue - SIPRI workshop report
March, 2016

The ‘New Geopolitics of Peace Operations II: African Outlooks on Conflict Management’ initiative aims to enhance understanding of how to best prepare peace operations for the diverse security environments in Africa, while promoting local and international dialogue on the future of peace and security. In order to achieve these aims, a series of five regional dialogue meetings were organized in five African regions.

This report summarizes a workshop held in Douala, Cameroon during 24–25 September 2015. The workshop brought together a range of leading experts, military and government officials, and representatives of civil society and international organizations to discuss the future of peace operations and conflict management in Central Africa. It was jointly organized by SIPRI and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES).


Xenia Avezov is a Researcher with the SIPRI Peace Operations and Conflict Management Programme.