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Multilateral Peace Operations: Africa, 2008

Publisher: SIPRI
July, 2009

This new SIPRI Fact Sheet presents data from SIPRI’s Multilateral Peace Operations Database to illuminate some of the most significant developments in peace operations in Africa in 2008 as well as trends over the decade since 1999. It includes statistical data on numbers of peacekeeping personnel, the organizations and countries mounting operations and deploying personnel, along with a map of peace operations that were active during 2008.

This SIPRI Fact Sheet is part of a new series that aims to be a user-friendly resource for researchers, policymakers, journalists and students of international peacekeeping.


Kirsten Soder was a Researcher with the SIPRI Armed Conflict and Conflict Management Programme. She managed the SIPRI Multilateral Peace Operations Database between 2006 and 2010.