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Technology and Security in the 21st Century: A Demand-side Perspective

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-927175-5
151 pp.

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The impact of technology on warfare and security has been demonstrated many times. The unavoidable diffusion of technology has added to concerns about the possibility of technology reaching irresponsible hands. Technology control regimes have formed a vital component of national security strategies for controlling proliferation and denying technological advantages to adversaries. Future challenges to arms control and non-proliferation will demand wider cooperation among increasingly interdependent nations. The author makes a case for a broader cooperative management approach to technology controls. Harmonious international cooperation among the majority of nations will be vital to achieving objectives linked to non-proliferation, disarmament and global socio-economic progress. This, in turn, could reduce the common dangers linked to weapons of mass destruction and terrorism, thereby enhancing international stability.