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Arms Control: The New Guide to Negotiations and Agreements

Publisher: Sage Publications
ISBN 0-76-194015-4
396 pp.

This fully revised and updated edition represents the most authoritative and comprehensive survey ever published of the documents related to arms control.

All major agreements reached since the second half of the nineteenth century through to mid-2002 are critically analysed and assessed. The assessment is made in the light of the international security environment, the developments in the field of weapon technology, the threat of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons proliferation, and the efforts to strengthen the humanitarian law of armed conflict.

The accompanying CD-ROM reproduces full texts of carefully selected excerpts of treaties, conventions, protocols, guidelines, memoranda, common understandings, statutes, charters, binding decisions of international bodies, final acts of international conferences, exchanges of letters and diplomatic notes. Multilateral agreements are followed by a list of parties.

Enriched with new maps, tables and figures, and an expanded glossary and bibliography, the book will remain the definitive resource for students of international relations, journalists, diplomats and military strategists.


Part One: Analytical Survey

1. Basic concepts

2. Historical overview

3. The United Nations

4. Nuclear-weapon explosions

5. Nuclear arms limitation

6. Nuclear-weapon proliferation

7. Proposals for the abolition of nuclear weapons

8. Chemical and biological weapons

9. Environmental and radiological weapons

10. Outer space and celestial bodies

11. The sea environment

12. Demilitarized areas

13. Denuclearized zones

14. Conventional arms control

15. Constraints on conventional arms and technology transfers

16. Confidence building in Europe, Asia and the Americas

17. Restrictions on the methods of warfare

18. Prevention of accidental war

19. Verification and compliance

20. Concluding remarks

Part Two: Agreements and Parties (CD-ROM)

Selected Pre-World War II Agreements; Post World War II Agreements