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Russia and Asia–Pacific Security

Publisher: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
ISBN 91-85114-54-5
166 pp.

This volume is based on the papers presented at an international conference, 'Russia and Asia-Pacific Security', which was convened at the International House of Japan in Tokyo, Japan, on 19–21 February 1999. The organization of the conference was initiated by SIPRI as part of its ongoing study of Russia's emerging security agenda. It was co-hosted by the Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) and by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper as part of the activities commemorating Asahi Shimbun's 120-year anniversary. The conference brought together a number of outstanding scholars and current and former government representatives from China, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Sweden and the USA.

The papers express a range of views that reflect differing and sometimes rival perspectives on the central security tasks and challenges confronting the Asia-Pacific region in the new century, as well as on the role of Russia in the evolving regional security environment. The intention is to contribute in this form to the discussion about security issues in the Asia-Pacific region, which is assuming an increasingly prominent place on the international security agenda.


1. Russia and Asia: Challenges and opportunities for national and international security

Dr Vladimir Baronovsky, IMEMO, Moscow, Russia

2. Asia–Pacific in US–Russian relations

Professor Joyce K. Kallgren, University of California at Berkeley, USA

3. New trends in Russian–Japanese relations at the start of the 21st century

Professor Nobuo Shimotomai, Hosei University, Japan

4. Quadruple relations in Asia–Pacific and Japan

Professor Yoshinobu Yamamoto, University of Tokyo, Japan

5. Russia and great-power security in Asia

Professor Andrew C. Kuchins, Stanford University, USA

6. Russian–US relations and Asia–Pacific security issues

Professor Mikhail G. Nosov, Institute of USA and Canada Studies, Moscow, Russia

7. Russia in the Asia–Pacific area

Dr Vyacheslav B. Amirov, IMEMO, Moscow, Russia

8. Russo-Japanese relations and the security of North-East Asia in the 21st century

Professor Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA

9. Russia's policy towards Japan

Professor Motohide Saito, Kyorin University, Japan

10. The future of US-Japanese defence cooperation and its implications for regional security

Satoshi Morimoto, Nomura Research Institute, Japan

11. The evolving security environment in Asia: Its impact on Russia

Dr Jonathan D. Pollack, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, USA

12. Russian policy and interests on the Korean Peninsula

Dr Alexander N. Fedorovsky, IMEMO, Moscow, Russia

13. Russia and a new balance of power in East Asia: Implications for stability on the Korean Peninsula

Dr Sang-Woo Rhee, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea

14. Economic relations between Russia and the Asia–Pacific countries

Professor Tsuneaki Sato, Yokohama City University, Japan

15. Prospects for Russia's 'energy diplomacy' in North-East Asia

Dr Vladimir I. Ivanov, Economic Research Institute for North-East Asia, Japan

16. Russian-Chinese relations and arms exports

Dr Mitsuo Mii, National Institute for Defence Studies, Japan

17. Sino-Russian relations after the break-up of the Soviet Union Professor Chen Qimao, Shanghai Institute of International Relations, China

18. Russia and China: What is in the pipeline? Dr Yuri V. Tsyganov, University of Melbourne, Australia

19. Russia and ASEAN: Emerging partnership Dr Victor Sumsky, IMEMO, Moscow, Russia

20. The Asia–Pacific region in Russia's foreign policy

Professor Gennady Chufrin, SIPRI, Stockholm, Sweden