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Russia and Asia: The Emerging Security Agenda

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-829654-1
534 pp.

Asia's new prominence in the world arena is likely to reshape the configuration of forces in the international system, and Russia's interaction with Asia is poised to become one of the defining elements of world politics at the turn of the century. This book analyses Russian security issues and the emerging geopolitical balance in Central Asia, South-West Asia, South Asia and Asia-Pacific. It covers the domestic political background to Russia's foreign and security policy and the importance of Asia in its domestic and foreign policy. It complements the SIPRI volume Russia and Europe, by Vladimir Baranovsky, published in 1997.


1. Introduction

Gennady Chufrin


Part I. The Asian dimensions of Russian foreign and security policy

2. Russia and Asia: challenges and opportunities for national and international security

Vladimir Baranovsky

3. Between Europe and Asia: the search for Russia's civilizational identity

Igor V. Podberezsky

4. Domestic developments in Russia

Nodari Simonia


Part II. Russia's stakes in Central Asia

5. The emerging geopolitical balance in Central Asia: a Russian View

Vitaly V. Naumkin

6.The policy of Russia in Central Asia: a perspective from Kazakhstan

Konstantin Syroezhkin

7. The policy of Russia in Central Asia: a perspective from Tajikistan

Mouzaffar Olimov

8. Russia's policy obtions in Central Asia

Irina D. Zviagelskaya

9. Central Asia, Russia and the West

Martha Brill Olcott


Part III. Russia's perspectives on South-West Asia

10. Russia's assets and liabilities in South-West Asia

Vladimir I. Maksimenko

11. Russian-Turkish relations

Victor Nadein-Raevsky

12. Iran and Russia: neighbours without common borders

Abbas Maleki

13. Russian-Afghan relations

Vyacheslav Belokrenitsky

14. Russia and South-West Asia: A view from the region

Duygu Bazoglu Sezer


Part IV. Russia's perspectives on South Asia

15. Russia's security and the geopolitical situation in South Asia

Vladimir Moskalenko and Tatiana Shaumian

16. Russia in South Asia: a view from India

Vinay Shukla


Part V. Russia in Asia-Pacific

17. Russia in the Asia-Pacific area: challenges and opportunities

Vyacheslav B. Amirov

18. Sino-Russian relations after the break-up of the Soviet Union

Chen Qimao

19. Russia and China: what is in the pipeline?

Yuri V. Tsyganov

20. Russo-Japanese relations and the security of North-East Asia in the 21st century

Tsuyoshi Hasegawa

21. Russian-Japanese relations: back to the deadlock

Alexei Zagorsky

22. Russia-US relations in Asia-Pacific

Mikhail G. Nosov

23. US-Russian relations in North-East Asia in the post-cold war period: a US perspective

Joyce K. Kallgren

24. Russian policy and interests on the Korean Peninsula

Alexander N. Fedorovsky

25. Russia and a new balance of power in East Asia: implications for stability on the Korean Peninsula

Sang-Woo Rhee

26. Russia and ASEAN: emerging partnership in the 1990s and the security of South-East Asia

Victor Sumsky

27. Russia and great-power security in Asia

Andrew C. Kuchins


Part VI. Conclusions

28. The evolving security environment in Asia: its impact on Russia

Jonathan D. Pollack

29. Asia as a factor in Russia's international posture

Gennady Chufrin


Appendix 1. Select multilateral economic and security-related organizations and initiatives in Asia, April 1999

Shannon Kile

Appendix 2. Chronology of principal defence- and security-related agreements and initiatives involving the Russian Federation and Asian countries, 1992-1999

Shannon Kile

Appendix 3. Transfers of major conventional weapons by Russia to Asian countries, 1992-98


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