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A Future Security Agenda for Europe: Report of the Independent Working Group established by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Publisher: SIPRI

This report reflects the deliberations of the participants of the Independent Working Group (IWG) on a Future Security Agenda established by SIPRI. Nearly 60 participants from various regions of Europe, Russia and the United States were engaged in the work of the IWG. The intention was not to negotiate a single agreed document but to make an intellectual contribution to the ongoing debate. Three meetings were held and the results were presented to the Swiss Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) Chairman-in-Office in October 1996, with a request to make the report available to all the members of the OSCE.


Findings of the Independent Working Group

1. The European security agenda towards the 21st century

2. Risks and challenges

3. Goals and principles

4. What kind of institutions and for what?

5. Conclusions