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Verification of Conventional Arms Control in Europe: Technological Constraints and Opportunities

Publisher: Westview Press
ISBN 0-8133-1054-7
322 pp.

The first of a projected two-volume study, this book provides an in-depth examination of the full range of methods for the verification of a conventional arms control regime in Europe. Offering contributions by specialists from both the East and West, it explores the technological aspects of verification as they relate to the proposals currently under consideration at the CFE talks in Vienna. Although it evaluates relevant technology, this book is primarily focused on the dynamics of successfully monitoring a European arms control agreement. Significant experience has been gained from other arms control regimes, most notably the INF agreement, which established a precedent for extensive on-site inspections. The contributors seek to identify the optimal mix of monitoring methods most applicable to the important items on the CFE agenda. The multilateral nature of the CFE negotiations presents the organizational challenges for the coordination of sharing information and technology to overcome the large discrepancies in verification technology expertise. Verification of Conventional Arms Control in Europe points toward a specific and attainable verification regime that could be incorporated into the present arms control negotiations.



Part I. Introduction

1. Introduction: Setting the stage

Richard Kokoski and Sergey Koulik


Part II. Verification technology and methods

2. National technical means

Richard Kokoski

3. Commercial and third-party satellites

Johnny Skorve

4. Aerial observation and overflights

Hartwik Spitzer

5. Short-distance sensors

Jürgen Altmann

6. Tags

Steve Fetter and Thomas Garwin

7. Monitoring production of conventional weapons

Ivan Oelrich

8. The Envelope Scheme

Klaus Jacob

9. Implementation of verification methods

Patricia M. Lewis


Part III. Methodological lessons learned: Other verification experience

10. SALT

Sergey Koulik

11. The INF Treaty

Richard Kokoski and Sergey Koulik

12. The 'Sinai experience'

Sergey Koulik

13. The Western European Union

Klaus Jacob

14. Verification experiments in the 1960s: From CLOUD GAP to Exercise 'FIRST LOOK'

Patricia M. Lewis

15. The IAEA experience

Frances Mautner-Markhof

Appendix 15A. The RECOVER study

16. The Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions

Thomas Stock and Jirí Matoušek


Part IV. Information sharing and organizational issues

17. Organizational and institutional issues

Jonathan Dean


Part V. Conclusions

18. Conclusions

Richard Kokoski and Sergey Koulik