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The Naval Arms Trade

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-829137-X
221 pp.

The naval arms trade has been the focus of attention in recent years owing to such events as the tanker war in the Persian Gulf and the acquisition of a nuclear-powered submarine by India. This book discusses the interrelated factors involved in the transfer of naval systems, including maritime aircraft and guided missiles, and technology. It also describes the production processes for selected naval arms. The Naval Arms Trade presents a general overview of the naval arms market, focused on the principal supplier countries, and a detailed analysis of the procurement processes as illustrated by Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India and New Zealand. This book is of value to analysts of security policy in these countries and to anyone interested in the arms trade and weapon acquisition process.



Part I. Overview

1. Introduction

2. The naval market

3. Trends in the naval market


Part II. Case studies

4. Collaborative naval programmes

5. Australia and New Zealand

6. Argentina and Brazil

7. Canada

8. India


Part III. Conclusions

9. Conclusions


Dr Ian Anthony was the Director of SIPRI’s European Security Programme.