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Overcoming Threats to Europe: A New Deal for Confidence and Security

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN 0-19-829112-4
pp. 235

Europe is stable politically, but in the military sphere it is becoming more unstable. Any search for new ways to reduce the threats to European security needs to find the key to this anomaly.

This book argues that the rift between political and military stability is due to the imposition of superpower rivalry on Europe and the militarization of political thinking. The groundwork for this analysis is an examination of the threats to European security as perceived by France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Yugoslavia. This reveals the dominant threat perception to be the fear of inadvertent war.

To build confidence and security, the book recommends a comprehensive approach aimed at the Europeanization of international affairs in the region. The new deal could involve a package of military, political, and economic concessions and benefits. The importance of the CSCE (Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe) is emphasized and priority tasks for the CDE (Conference on Disarmament in Europe) are suggested.


Part I. Threats to European security: The main elements

Threats to European security: The main elements

Sverre Lodgaard


Part II. National threat perceptions and policies to alleviate threats

1. Threat perceptions and and national security policies

Karl Birnbaum

2. The case of France

Walter Schütze

3. The case of the Federal Republic of Germany

Andreas Windel

4. The case of Hungary

Tamás Lovassy

5. The case of Poland

Adam Daniel Rotfeld

6. The case of Sweden

Nils Andrén

7. The case of Yugoslavia

Ljubivoje Aćimović


Part III. A deal for confidence and security

A new deal for confidence and security

Sverre Lodgaard


Appendix 1

CBMs and the CDE

Ljubivoje Aćimović

Extracts from the concluding document adopted by the Second Csce follow-up meeting in Madrid

Document on the Stockholm Conference on Confidence- and Security-Building Measures and Disarmament in Europe, Stockholm