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Explosive Remnants of War: Mitigating the Environmental Effects

Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN 0-85066-303-2
141 pp.

This volume is the third major product of the SIPRI/UNEP programme on 'Military activities and the human environment'. Explosive Remnants of War draws attention to the terrible unexploded remnants of mines and other high-explosive munitions that remain hidden in former theatres of war and which claim so many innocent victims—often children—for so many years. The authors of the book recommend a number of technical, legal and policy approaches to mitigating this horrendous and inevitable post-war legacy. Texts of the treaties most relevant to the subject are also provided for the convenience of the reader. Arthur H. Westing, an international authority on military impact on the environment, has organized and edited this series of papers, which was prepared by world experts on the topic. This book is certain to be of interest to policy makers and military experts as well as to the concerned individual.


1. Explosive remnants of war: An overview

Arthur H. Westing

2. Explosive remnants of World War II in Poland

Boguslaw A. Molski and Jan Pajak

3. Explosive remnants of World War II in Lybia: Impact on agricultural development

Khairi Sgaier

4. Explosive remnants of the Second Indochina War in Viet Nam and Laos

Earl S. Martin and Murray Hiebert

5. Explosive remnants of war on land: Technical aspects of disposal

Bengt Anderberg

6. Explosive remnants of war at sea: Technical aspects of disposal

Willard F. Searle, Jr and Dewitt H. Moody

7. Explosive remnants of war: Detection through the use of dogs

Robert E. Lubow

8. Explosive remnants of war: Legal aspects

Jozef Goldblat


Appendix 1. Explosive remnants of war: Select bibliography

Arthur H. Westing

Appendix 2. Explosive remnants of war: A chronology of United Nations activities, 1975–1984

Appendix 3. Inhumane Weapons Convention of 1981

Appendix 4. Geneva Convention III of 1949

Appendix 5. Hague Convention VIII of 1907

Appendix 6. World War II peace or similar treaties relating to sea mines

Appendix 7. Viet Nam-US protocols of 1973 concerning the removal of explosive remnants of war

Appendix 8. Explosive remnants of conventional war: A report to UNEP

Arhtur H. Westing et al.