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The Arms Race and Arms Control 1983

Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN 0-85066-250-8
255 pp.

This paperback provides those actively concerned with the dangers of war with well-researched and up-to-date information on military developments of every kind.

Based on material published in the SIPRI Yearbook 1983, this book provides unbiased factual material about world military matters such as nuclear weapons, military expenditure, the arms trade, military technology, and progress (or lack of it) in the negotiations for arms control.


1. Introduction
Frank Blackaby
Appendix 1A. World nuclear weapon stockpiles
Frank Blackaby and Malvern Lumsden

2. Long-range theatre nuclear forces
Sverre Lodgaard

3. British and French eurostrategic forces
Per Berg

4. Intercontinental nuclear weapons
Simon Lunn and Jefferson Seabright

5. Nuclear explosions, 1982
Ragnhild Ferm

6. Nuclear weapons and the new peace movement
Malvern Lumsden

7. World military expenditure and production
Thomas Ohlson and Rita Tullberg

8. The trade in major conventional weapons
Thomas Ohlson and Evamaria Loose-Weintraub
Appendix 8A. Aggregate tables of the value of the trade in major weapons with the Third World, 1963–82
Thomas Ohlson and Evamaria Loose-Weintraub

9. Chemical and biological warfare: Developments in 1982
Julian Perry Robinson

10. Nuclear power sources on satellites in outer space
Bhupendra Jasani

11. Arms control efforts in the UN and the CD
Jozef Goldblat