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The Arms Race and Arms Control

Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN 0-85066-232-X
244 pp.

This paperback is written for people actively concerned about the dangers of war. Its aim is to point out what these dangers are, by providing well-researched information on military developments of every kind—in nuclear and conventional weapons, in military expenditure, in the arms trade and in the military use of outer space. It also describes what progress (if any) has been made towards any kind of arms control.

Topics covered include:

  • The neutron bomb
  • Nuclear weapon tests in 1981
  • US and Soviet nuclear forces
  • Binary chemical weapons
  • Inhumane weapons
  • The issues at Madrid
  • An international satellite monitoring agency





1. Introduction

Frank Blackaby

2. World military expenditure and arms production

Frank Blackaby and Thomas Ohlson

3. The trade in major conventional weapons

Thomas Ohlson

4. Strategic nuclear weapons

Frank Barnaby and Randall Forsberg

5. Military use of outer space

Bhupendra Jasani

6. The neutron bomb

Herbert Scoville, Jr.

7. Nuclear explosions

Jozef Goldblat

8. Long-range theatre nuclear forces in Europe

Sverre Lodgaard

9. The CSCE and a European Disarmament Conference

Ulf Reinius

10. Nordic initiatives for a nuclear weapon-free zone in Europe

Sverre Lodgaard

11. The prohibition of inhumane weapons: New small arms ammunition

Malvern Lumsden

12. Disarmament at the 1981 UN General Assembly

Jozef Goldblat

13. Multilateral and bilateral arms control agreements

Jozef Goldblat