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Postures for Non-proliferation: Arms Limitations and Security Policies to Minimize Nuclear Proliferation

Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN 0-85066-133-1
168 pp.

To constrain nuclear proliferation, one must, in addition to designing a proliferation-resistant nuclear fuel cycle, identify a set of long-term arms limitation and security policies for the major states. These policies should be capable of satisfying various security and political objectives of non-nuclear weapon states, thereby minimizing their incentives to acquire independent nuclear weapon capabilities, and thus collectively minimizing future nuclear proliferation. This book attempts to identify such a comprehensive arms limitation and security regime. It reviews negotiations concerning the NPT through the end of the Review Conference of the NPT in mid-1975 and the subsequent strategic debate concerning nuclear proliferation.


1. Introduction

2. Arms limitation and security policies for minimizing nuclear proliferation: The strategic debate

3. Negotiations on the NPT, 1965–68

4. The 1975 Review Conference of the Parties to the NPT

5. Conclusion