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Armaments and Disarmament in the Nuclear Age

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Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN 91-85114-33-2
308 pp.

In its first ten years SIPRI produced a number of books and studies. The data is drawn only from open sources. The underlying value governing SIPRI's work is the belief that the world is devoting an excessive quantity of resources to armaments, and that this quantity could be reduced for human betterment, particularly with advantage to the underdeveloped countries.

To mark the tenth anniversary of SIPRI this compendium of work of SIPRI staff and visiting scholars on armaments and disarmament has been prepared. The book contains shortened versions of published studies. References, valuations, tables, charts, registers, maps, texts of arms control agreements, detailed discussion and chronology can be found in SIPRI Yearbooks and other relevant SIPRI publications.



1. State of armaments

Appendix 1A. World military expenditure, 1954–1975

Appendix 1B. US and Soviet strategic nuclear forces, 1967–1976

Appendix 1C. Values of arms trade with Third World countries, 1950–1975

Appendix 1D. The spread of sophisticated weapons to the Third World


2. The nuclear momentum

3. Chemical and bacteriologica warfare

4. Environmental warfare, ecocide, and weapons of mass destruction

5. Conventional weapons and arms trade

6. Armament dynamics and military research and development

7. Economic and social consequences of armaments

8. Arms control and disarmament