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Technical Aspects of Early Warning and Verification

Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN 91-85114-18-9
308 pp.

This book presents a technical account of SIPRI research on methods of early warning and identification of biological warfare agents, together with a description of two experimental SIPRI projects on CB verification. The first project concerns the non-production of BW agents and involved visits to biological laboratories in several countries; the second concerns the non-production of organophosphorus CW agents and summarizes the results of a symposium.

All six volumes of The Problem of Chemical and Biological Warfare are available on CD-ROM.

1. The significance of documentation in the verification of nonproduction and in the analysis of allegations in the field of biological warfare
2. The problems of inspection concerned with BW agents
3. Technical aspects on the detection and identification of microbial agents, particularly those that might be used in weapons
4. Possible techniques for inspection of production of organophosphorus compounds—Report of a SIPRI symposium

Appendix 1. SIPRI BW inspection documents
Appendix 2. Fluorescent antibody techniques and some other rapid identification techniques suitable for BW defence—a round table discussion, May 1970
Appendix 3. Rapid detection of BW agents: a report by Dr Åke Ljunggren on his studies in Prague, 1969-1971
Appendix 4. Some studies on the possibility of using gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry of fatty acids in the rapid detection of virus-associated materials
Appendix 5. Background papers to a SIPRI symposium on possible techniques for inspection of production of organophosphorus compounds