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Disarmament or Destruction?

Publisher: SIPRI

One of SIPRI's activities is the production of a yearbook describing the major quantitative and qualitative changes in the world's arsenals during the year, and analyzing the efforts made to control the arms build-up. Each yearbook is a record of vast increases in all kinds of weaponry, a process virtually unhampered by arms control agreements.

The consequences of continuous and rapid developments in military technology, and the resultant urgent need for progress in disarmament negotiations, demand that information on these issues reaches as wide an audience as possible. To assist the dissemination of this information SIPRI is producing a series of illustrated booklets. This is the third in the series—following Nuclear Disarmament or Nuclear War? and Preventing Nuclear-Weapon Proliferation. It is based mainly on the data in the SIPRI Yearbook 1975.




Military spending

Nuclear weapons

Conventional weapons

The need for disarmament

Existing arms control agreements


Dr Frank Barnaby was SIPRI's Director from 1971–81.