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Chemical Disarmament: Some Problems of Verification

Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN 91-85114-20-0
184 pp.

This report is a contribution to the current international discussion on the subject of chemical disarmament verification. Its intention is to identify some of the major problems which will have to be faced in verifying a chemical disarmament convention.

The symposium and working groups which have led to the publication of this document were attended by a number of scientists from various countries, East and West.



1. Objectives and purposes of national control systems

2. Methodology of control

3. The organization of national control agencies


Appendix 1. Participants at the SIPRI meetings

Appendix 2. An examination of the types of data to be reported internationally from economic, statistical and other methods by a national verification organization controlling potential chemical warfare materials

Appendix 3. Summaries of the background papers presented at the symposium on possible techniques for inspection of production of organophosphorus compounds, held in Stockholm on 21–24 September 1974