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Strategic Arms Limitation Part II

Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell
September, 1972

The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks between the USA and the USSR have been a matter of continuous and active interest to SIPRI. The SIPRI Yearbook 1972 discussed the subject at length, but at the time the SALT agreements were signed in Moscow, the Yearbook was already in print. The opinions expressed in the Yearbook remain valid, but it seems useful to supplement them with a detailed analysis of the recent agreements, and to examine the future of the strategic arms race and possible measures to control it.

These purposes will be served in a two-part publication. Part I provides an analysis of the Moscow agreements and discusses their impact on the nuclear arms race. Part II discusses the implications of the SALT agreements for the future of the strategic arms race.


I. The foundations of strategic arms policies

II. The impact of SALT I

III. The problems of SALT II

IV. Postscrip