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Seismic Methods for Monitoring Underground Explosions: 1971 Progress Report

Publisher: SIPRI

This is the second progress report produced as a follow-up to the SIPRI study Seismic Methods for Monitoring Underground Explosions, which presented the results arrived at by the SIPRI Seismic Study Group in 1968.

The purpose of this document is to bring the SIPRI report of 1968 (referred to as SIPRI 1968) up-to-date as far as is possible. There has already been one up-date of SIPRI 1968 which was circulated in February 1970. That report was brief and fairly technical. This one will be addressed to a somewhat wider audience and attempts to cover the ground of SIPRI 1968 in the light of three more years' experience. Technical forms have been defined in Chapter 1 of SIPRI 1968.