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The Rise of CB Weapons

Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN 391-00200-7
395 pp.

This book presents a description of the main lines of development in the technology underlying CBW and in the constraints affecting the use of CB weapons. The period covered is approximately 1914-1945, although more recent developments in CW technology are also described. In addition, the volume includes an account of all instances known to SIPRI when CB weapons have been used in war, or when their use has been alleged; in this case the time-span is 1914-1970.

All six volumes of The Problem of Chemical and Biological Warfare are available on CD-ROM.

1. The developing technology of CBW
2. Instances and allegations of CBW, 1914-1970
3. Popular attitudes towards CBW, 1919-1939
4. National CBW programmes and policies, 1919-1939
5. The non-use of CB weapons during World War II

Appendix 1. Alleged chemical warfare during the Yemeni Civil War, 1963-1967
Appendix 2. Alleged Japanese biological warfare in China, 1940-1942