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Seismic Methods for Monitoring Underground Explosions

Publisher: Almqvist & Wiksell

Leading seismologists from ten countries including four nuclear powers present a fresh assessment of the state of the art of seismic detection and identification of underground nuclear explosions, a subject of importance for any future negotiation of a comprehensive test ban.

In the United Nations' General Assembly, a summary of the report was welcomed and praised by the delegates of many nations.


Introduction: A seismological outline

I. The detection and location of seismic events

II. The discrimination of earthquakes and explosions

III. Conclusions that may be drawn from seismological work, and other topics


Appendix 1. Seismologically important nuclear explosions

Appendix 2. Decoupling

Appendix 3. Amplitude/yield relationships

Appendix 4. The magnitude problem

Appendix 5. Complexity

Appendix 6. Possible uses of decision theory in underground test ban control

Appendix 7. Some studies of the capability of a 44 station network

Appendix 8. Historical note